In the process of getting things set up here, so it’ll be chaotic for a bit.

I wanted to create a web hub so I can chatter about all my ongoing projects in one place and stop having to choose which site to list on any personal media, LOL. So here’s a very quick overview of almost all my separate Facebook sites, which then have links to shops, blogs, podcasts, or whatever it happens to be. All that’s missing is the web hub page which is getting set up as I finish typing this, and I promise to list it here once it’s properly named.

Please note these are all my in progress projects and some are not yet running.







I’ll be working on getting the hub and all it’s components set up over the next few days, so thanks for bearing with me through the mess. And the web hub Facebook will be here shortly.

au revoir



P.S. I do have a hub Twitter and Instagram up and running. The Facebook page is up but not properly named yet but here’s the working link for now https://www.facebook.com/RaineofIris-1024189997603823/ .


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