First Monday

Welcome to another Monday. Slow start for me having decided to take my son to the late show last night to finally see Star Wars. My parents took me to the drive in to see the original so it was really great reliving that moment from the other side of it. It also got me thinking about a lot of other things, as things often do, but we’ll tackle that soon enough.

So, what to look forward to this week… Usual gaming live streams (and archive) from the Klutzy Gamer every night but Sunday. Looking at getting back to Parapopolous with a blog post this week and also debating release timing of the podcast. And my lovely shops are still in limbo sadly. I have so many many creations wanting out but I just cannot nail myself down to deciding a couple very major things. I will keep you posted on it all. 

Of course there is still work to be done here on the hub as far as links and getting the Facebook page properly named when Facebook ever actually allows me to. Ugh, such a pain on that one! I’ll get the links up and running, even if it has to be the forever long numbers for now. 

I hope the new year is finding wonderful moments and options for you all. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to share this all with you! Or how much all your interest and support means to me.

au revoir




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