So, I come barreling in today with so much exciting news! Though I missed my deadline for a potential spot at a very exclusive juried show, I’m found such a surprise in my inbox yesterday.  

I’m very unexpectedly being featured in a spotlight over on handmadefuzzy tomorrow! How exciting, such an amazing surprise! Do check it out on Friday January 29th 2016 after 6am E over on handmadefuzzy

I’m also excited to be back livestreaming on Twitch after the test run of livestreaming on YouTube. I loved YouTube’s  streaming set (up I’ll always be archiving to them and I’ve started adding exclusive bite sized clips as well) but I missed the perks of Moobot and TwitchAlerts. It’s been great fun getting back into the routine and I’m extatic to say currently I’m at 45 followers on Twitch and 20 subscribers on YouTube and all with no big partner or promoter, just me hopping on and doing my thing. I love it and I’m always so happy to know you like it too! 

I know things haven’t been up to speed or outputting exactly the way I want and there’s still tweaks to make, but I promise you it’s getting there and I’m grateful for your support as I do. I’m also thankful of this little community from all my projects, thank you for being wonderful amazing RaineStorms! 

au revoir




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