Toodles Tuesday

Hiya all! 

Some changes to discuss this go round. As you’ve likely noticed, my gaming is beginning revamp and the cause is a necessary one, I’ve changed all my gaming media to gmeraine. I love being the klutzy gamer but it’s so many names for one endeavour. I remain FireflyRaine on XBL but all social media is now gmeraine. I’m writing this on mobile but as soon as I get in front of my laptop, I’ll continue updating links including the ones here on site. Until then just look for gmeraine on TwitchYouTubeHitboxSteamFacebookGoogle+Twitter & Instagram. Sorry for any confusion. I’m making the graphics and swapping up the links my priority for the week. 
In other news, I missed last weeks Parapopulous blog and yesterday’s podcast. I’m sorry and will get this weeks blog up on Thursday to catch us back up. I did say I would do one a week if I got crunched and boy did I. And then created more work too LOL! 

It’s a short update but I have to squeeze in some yardwork before more interwebs work so I’d better get my bunions moving! 

I hope the world is treating you well. 

au revoir




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