Of Course

So as I’m sitting here in chaos, the thought occurs to me that I should reopen the etsy and zibbet shops. Seems the postal negotiations are quiet and things seem to be calm, I’m feeling foolish I haven’t reopened them earlier. Glad I didn’t!   

What a way to end the past months of chaos that has been my summer. I’ve got stuff in transit, that I ordered because stuff has been quiet and most has come in but it’s 2 that I’m waiting for that are going slower than molasses uphill in January that are of course not here yet. I specifically put my shops on hiatus to keep this from happening to you and I’m glad I did. I should mention that this does not affect or include either of my redbubble shops, those are open and unaffected. 

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of posting and updates. And if you follow me as gmeraine on YouTube you know there’s been no updates to the archive there in a week. And I you follow me as Parapopulous it’s been forever since I posted. I’m sorry for all the chaos! It’s been really rough for me personally since the start of June and it’s starting to show. I’m doing my best to keep streams going and things as normal as possible but it’s hard. I’m stressed and being pulled in so many directions and working on coming up with a schedule that can keep it all functioning. I know I’ve said it too many times but I promise things will get back to where they should be. 

On that note I’ve gotta dash and go take care of some stuff for my parents but I’ll chatter with you again soon. 

au revoir



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