Soooooo then

Well, we briefly got things working again! 

I’d been hoping to be back streaming & blogging & podcasting with y’all again but yesterday afternoon my laptop died. Yes again. It’s not functioning at all so I’ll be limited to what I can do from a phone again. I’ll make it as quick as I can to get things back to normal, and in the meantime you’ve got my thanks for your support in this ridiculousness.

*** Update

So it looks like my father thinks he can fix it but I will lose any customized things like photos, graphics, podcasts and such. I’ve backed as much up as I could have before it died so hopefully I’ll have some, if not most of my stuff. It will be a bit while he works on it and another bit when I have to attempt to get it back to working order, and curse while I try to remember all my apps. But for now I am the non Mac version of Carrie Bradshaw, I promise I’m coming back stronger. 

au revoir