Let’s Chat

So, it’s been a bit since we last caught up. there’s been all matters of good, bad and otherwise.

As you might have read, if you’re following my social media, I finally got the chance to get on Merch by Amazon. It’s been what I thought might help but it came with a cost. I searched “magpie muddles” and saw my initial 3 items but also that one of my designs had been stolen. Not a great feeling you can imagine. I have taken it up with Amazon, but as of now they don’t seem to think I’ve given enough proof that I created the design in question and won’t do anything to the other seller. Let me make this very clear, I design for myself and only myself. My designs are never for purchase (maybe in the future I’ll change my mind and offer that but not now). I never was asked and even if I had been I’d of said no (see the reason preciously). Even if I buy a design that is for commercial use, I non’t just slap it on and say done, I always do something to make it mine. That’s part of the charm of really making something special. Like I love that people actually do create for someone to use their design and and just sell it but I really want everything to have my spark. So I find it truly gross that someone flat out stole a design I actually created and just used it as they wanted with no regard to the actual person who put the time and thought into it. I’ve no respect for anyone like that period.

I am because of all this making the move to have Raine of Iris as just a hub for info and redo the brands a bit. Magpie Muddles will become the graphic design hub now. It will have all the Magpie originals plus Kalamity Raine gaming designs and Parapopulous spookiness. Both Kalamity Raine and Parapopulous will continue as shope on their own because I know some people just want to shop brand specific and those also could have other endeavours that need to be freestanding. My OOAK handmade organic creations will fall to Betwixt Baubles. And the rest will remain as is. It’s a lot and I want to get it all right and keep it as simple as possible for everyone to find.

I have added another site for my photography, I think actually 2 in fact from the last time I sat here and told tales of things I’m up to. Perhaps I am spread thin but I do truly love all the things I do and it would be like picking a favourite child if you said I could only do one thing. Links are as always here on site (or on their way but in a post if time is very pressing or I’m ridiculously excited to share).

I’m looking for a way to search my works on Amazon.com easier but best way I can figure currently is to search “magpie muddles” in the quotes. By the way the coffee cup is not mine, that’s the stolen design. If you want a coffee cup or a travel mug, I’ve got lovely ones on my redbubble … please don’t support stolen merchandise designs.

Thanks for all your support! Honestly in times like these it’s lovely to have such a great community.

au revoir



Forgot to mention…..

If you like the designs I have on redbubble I have a new shop that has so many other items from umbrellas to purses and so much more. Curious? Have a visit to my artsadd and see all the new possibilities! artsampleThere’s more designs coming here and DbH as well as brand new to redbubble.

And now off to create.

au revoir




So you may have noticed a disappearance. I’d planned a few things and my dads health took a turn and my attentions went with it. He is doing a little better but still having issues and it’s difficult to feel helpless to do anything I feel helps.

In other notes I do still have all that planned. I’m trying to find some kind of schedule or semi schedule. I really hate that any consistency I had has vanished but I hope you all understand the circumstances behind it.

For now, I’m going to try to squeeze in some graphics.

au revoir



Something in the works

Something really beyond is in the works. It’s not likely to show up tomorrow or next week and it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. Ok it’s kinda like something but not exactly.

I know, I know, enough with the crypticness. Where are my podcasts and streams and new designs? Why add something else?

I promise all those things are in the process of returning and being created. This new thing is something I’ve thought about for many years but at first couldn’t do because of outside things and then didn’t have enough faith in myself to attempt. I’m now at the point of IDGAF and if I look dumb well, at least you can’t say I didn’t try.

au revoir




Popping in today to let you all know about some new designs available exclusively through my Magpie Muddles redbubble shop. I’ll warn you they’re a little cheeky and might even make you hungry!

Curious…. Carbie Barbie (2 versions) and Carbie Ken have arrived. Sadly they don’t come with any actual carbs but the merch does let you show your love for it!

Here’s a small peek

Remember these designs are available on so much more than tee shirts! And please tag MagpieMuddles on IG so I can see the creations in their new homes.


au revoir


New shop items

Just finished updating all the redbubble shops with new merchandise. Of course there are usually small differences in colour or placement from hub to category specific shop but that’s simply me being human. There will be new designs coming to the Kalamity Raine, the Magpie Muddles & the hub (aka raine of iris) shops as soon as I am feeling better; with Parapopulous to get a new design or two shortly after that.

I will be deciding after that which platforms I will have designs available on. Thanks as always for your purchases and support!

ah revoir



Who … What … Oh

Just a catch up on the what’s, where’s and the why’s of the last 2 years and where we are now.

There is discussion of mental health so be advised though not graphic, it may be uncomfortable for some. I just wanted to be truly honest about it all so maybe it might help someone else feel less alone. I’m happy to say, it’s getting better and I’m looking forward to getting things back in track again.

I also just noticed today that the 6 videos I though had been live and public but weren’t. I decided to just release all into the wild all at once since I didn’t see the point of slowly seeing they were months old.

Here’s my Humble Bundle affiliate link https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/city-builder-weekend?partner=kalamityraine and I’ll also receive a small monetary amount for being a humble partner if you purchase using this link. The city builder promo is on until June 17 2019 at 10 am pacific though they alway have a great variety of books, software and games that help great charities!

None of this was sponsored or paid. This is all me.

My redbubble hub shop (which has links to all the individual shops if you’d prefer to just look at category specific designs) is http://raineofiris.redbubble.com

Thanks again for everything!


P.S. if you like the video be sure to subscribe!

Catching Up

So it’s been an okay month.

I’ve gotten back into a streaming schedule. I have only 3 scheduled but I as a rule end up having more. I like the flexibility of being able to pop in as time allows without having to potentially adjust or cancel. I will likely add a day to the schedule and perhaps adjust start time. I’ll keep you posted on that. As always Twitch is where to find me.

I’ve been working on new designs..

These are all currently available in my KalamityRaine redbubble. The Appalachia Awaits is a limited time design, so grab it on whatever you need it on before it’s gone.

I will be reopening the redbubble hub and it will have all of the availabile designs from the individual shops so you can one stop shop. And if you prefer to browse by genre, the individual shops remain open. It offers quick or relaxed browsing options. And of course new designs (some limited time) are coming to all.

I will am designing new pieces for the Etsy shops. Full production won’t start until I’ve finished off the construction of the last shelves (for now) in the living area. That being said, I am bringing new creations shortly.

It’s difficult juggling everyone and everything but I’m working with what delights me in hopes it will bring the same to someone else. Insomnia, depression & injuries are always accompanying but it’s good to have faithful companions.

I hope this finds you in good humour and abundance of joy.

au revoir



They’re here!


Fisto and Property of Vault 101 now available on http://kalamityraine.redbubble.com .


Other links mentioned http://magpiemuddles.redbubble.com , http://parapopulous.redbubble.com & http://raineofiris.redbubble.com . Don’t forget to tag me ( kalamityraine, magpiemuddles, parapopulous or raineofiris) on IG so I can see the designs in their new homes!

As always, thanks for the support!



Am I really writing this?

This is a hard post to write. I’ve been sick and absolutely exhausted for a week now & it seems like vertigo is kicking in because of the ear and it sucks.

I’m not sure if I can put it into words properly but im going to try.

I follow the people I do on social media because I adore them and what they do. I wish for good things for good people.

I’m finding myself overwhelmed by just not feeling good enough. I’ve blogged, vlogged, streamed, created & designed (admittedly this past year and a half has been sparse). I’ve started to wonder just what I’ve not got that everyone else seems to have.

I post and someone else does similar after and they get the sales, the likes, the respect, the follows or whatever it happens to be. I tell myself “we’re all at different stages”, I do the pep talk and keep going….it happens again. I’m really starting to feel completely useless. I felt this way even when I was being consistent in getting things done but now it’s just suffocating.

I know a lot of it is being brought on from the changes that started happening in February of 2017. The people who blindsided me (who had done it in some ways before) really took huge pieces of me in every way this last time. I know they don’t deserve the power or the attention. I can’t shake the inadequacies they stirred up and it’s eating me alive.

I want to be the creative, producing, fun loving quirky gal I used to be. I think she might be gone and all the shiny things don’t seem to be helping get her attention.

I don’t want to be dancing with this weight of depression and inadequacies with doubts rasing through my head. I don’t want to not be inspired by all the amazingly creative and beautiful people and things in the world.

I want to be valued and appreciated for what I do. To be able to live from it and have savings and able to pay my own way. To love life again and be proud of myself and the things I do.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Sorry for dropping my innards out here. I’m grateful for the support and love I do get. And please know how much it means to me when you just lurk in the livestream or when you’re able to purchase a tee or sticker that I created. It’s nowhere enough for me to be able to live off of yet or even pay a bill but I appreciate it all and I really am trying to keep it all going and more.

au revoir