Losing Leia

It’s been a while I know and what brings me back today breaks my heart. When I thought 2016 had given me all I could bear Rickman, Cohen, Bowie, Michael & Prince and all the personal issues, this…my hero is gone.

Carrie Fisher to me was who I wanted to grow up and be. I remember being devastated my hair would not make proper Leia buns and of course most of us identified with her as Leia, she herself was as strong and determined. I wanted to be her and in some ways, I guess the chaos in my life echos hers. I was proud to see her publicly wrestle her deamons and stay strong, though I wish she’d had the ability to privately do so, it gave those of us wrestling our own issues courage. She was sassy and upfront and will be so missed. 

Guide us General Leia, give us courage and strength to fight the dark. 



(Picture is from GettyImages)


Insta thoughts

So tomorrow or next update the great algorithm rolls into Instagram. All I keep seeing in my feeds, and there are a few accounts I’m running LOL, is turn on notifications … ugh! Look I’m against the change to what you think I’m going to like better from the chronological order but turning on notifications isn’t going to fix it. If you turn on notifications all its going to do is buzz or beep you when someone posts, that’s it. It won’t put it back into the time ordered fun we’ve all come to love. Now hey, if you want the extra noise that’s your call but I haven’t (and won’t be) asking any of you on any of the accounts to turn on notifications nor will I be doing it on any of them. I’m going to look at this as an opportunity that maybe you or new people might see more of me because of the change! And if not, I’m posting there as another way of sharing, not to be insta-famous so it’s no hit to my ego. And hey of it sucks I’m sure they’ll be another pretty shiny new spot to share soon, because that’s technology folks.

au revoir 



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