Well then…

Today my friends is going to be a day of choices. I need to make some decisions about my too many plates spinning life that’s been happening. It will mean letting go or greatly reducing a few things, which pains me almost more than keeping them and tripping on them since I am a person of my word. But saying not right now is not never and perhaps at some point with an assistant or just when I’m better organized, I can always revisit them. As much as I have these things I want to share with you I need to be willing to say what isn’t working for me no matter what the relationship, and work is just another one. 

In so many ways though I feel like a failure. I feel like here I go quitting on you when maybe all I needed was that magic X factor. And what a disappointment I am. These are things we all feel, even when we know a situation isn’t working for us. And folks I know this overspread workload isn’t working right now. I’m one person attempting to create and game and write and handle all the background work of all that as well as running a house and looking out for my son and my dogs, and frankly I’ve bit off more than I can chew right now. I’m going to have to know being honest and authentic with you is only ever the best way and hope you feel the same. I’m not throwing it out, just this is just me taking off that one accessory that is going to make it all work. All that being said, I have great plans and this is part of getting there (no matter how strange that seems) and I’m ever grateful for your support and interest. 

So, what’s going to change? Well, let’s start with what’s not. My Twitch & YouTube playthroughs, let’s plays and livestreams as the Klutzy Gamer aren’t going anywhere and will remain my main focus. My one of a kind pieces as Magpie Muddles and their witchy counterparts of Betwixt Baubles aren’t leaving either. Bon Bon Betties is staying as well, but won’t be the focus. Parapopulous will stay but at a different release schedule. And of course the hub of Raine of Iris stays. 

Taking a breather or continuing their hiatus are Mmmmutterings and Rainebows End. I’m not saying I won’t ever do small batches of cookies or my motivational blog but I’m saying it doesn’t fit where I am right now. Likely there’ll be a few more adjustments yet but I’ll keep you posted as always.

Well, I guess that’s it for here, now onto some YouTube work and some tidying around the workspace before the Twitch stream tonight. 

au revoir