End of May Updates

What a month! I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since we started the build. So much has happened and there’s still so much yet to do.

I found myself alternating personally this month between great highs and lows. I am so beyond happy about the life I’ve begun to create for myself but the cost of it in every way has been shocking. It’s hard having to pay up without steady income coming in. Some of that is on me with the lack of regular things happening and I am working on that, but depression kicks your feet out at the most inopportune times.

In terms of business stuff I’m super freaking proud of the new designs (and all designs) in my redbubble shops! I really feel beyond excited of all I’ve come up with. Not so many sales so far but I’m hoping as I keep adding new designs that will sort out. If you’re interested in my designs and available products just click here for MagpieMuddles, gmeraine & parapopulous. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with your purchases, cause I love to see my creations in their new homes.

The livestream for gmeraine is coming back. I’m terrified to start doing it again. I adore my rainestorm and I do miss you all, my nerves are winning right now and I’m sorry for that. I want you to know I’m trying. Sadly the parapopulous blogs and podcast are in a similar place.

Ive managed to film a bunch of stuff for the IRL rainecaster channel. It all needs to be edited and custom intros done for them. I still have a huge Makeup Revolution to swatch and film as well as an indie brand I’ve fallen in love with.

I’ve taken some amazing photos and have gotten a new tripod to assist in some of the shots. If you haven’t seen the current available photographs go visit my photography only shop. I have so many more waiting on my hard drive to list and share with you.

I want you to know how much all your support means to me and even more so over this past year. Thank you really doesn’t cover it.

au revoir




How’ve you all been? 

It’s been just ridiculously busy for me. Not surprisingly so you might say but this past few weeks have been much more so. 

I’ve been playing in the mornings as well for 2 hours. It’s not been daily but it’s been almost so. I’d like to keep it in some form or possibly switching a stream or two to the brunching hours, but I’m not sure what the end result will be. I’ve been having weird issues with only certain games not exporting over and it’s been almost a week of trying! I don’t want to have to start recording while I stream, as I don’t think my processor and memory will be enough so if it continues a venue switch may have to happen. I’ll of course keep you posted but it’s business as usual for the Klutzy Gamer Twitch and YouTube. And let’s not forget my weekly streams on Great Geekwads too! 

So beyond the usual gaming routine it’s been a busy couple weeks for behind the scenes stuff like taxes and spring outdoor work. I’m filming and have two videos ready to go up for you on the RaineCaster YouTube. They’re being edited as I learn how to insert and it’s a slow thing since it’s only me working on everything, but I promise they’ll be up sooner than later. 

In all this Parapopulous has been gaining fans! And I’m excitedly seeing it and my Klutzy Gamer growing. I know the shops will as well once the items I’ve been attempting to work on amidst all this get up and the shops get a bit of a tweak. This must begin to feel like lip service but I have been working away at things for them, though admittedly not nearly as fast as I’d want to.

It’s hard to think about much else with all this going on but my family and in particular my dad have been taking a lot of my attention. This will be his last week of chemo and radiation and he is starting to really feel the effects of it. After Monday he’ll have a wait of a few weeks and then surgery at the start of June. It’s perhaps a front he’s giving us all but he’s doing well, all things considered. Though I, and much more so he I’m sure, can’t wait for things to get back to normal. Or as normal as they get for me LOL. 

So lovelies, I’m off to attempt another try of seeing if those two nights will export over, fingers crossed they join all the others that have managed to export with no issues and work on getting one video up on RainCaster. Don’t forget there’ll be a new Parapopolous blog out tomorrow too and as always a livestream tonight! 

au revoir



P.S. Don’t forget there’s a Facebook page for all my projects as well and give ’em a like if you happen to drop in. You can find them through the Raine of Iris hub or the links here. And “May the fourth be with you”! 

Happy almost Friday

Another long week and another week of being slightly behind but LOL what else is new.

So been busy streaming on Twitch  6 nights on gmeraine and 1 on GreatGeekwads. Of course there’s extra streams here and there and then there’s the scheduling and archiving to YouTube that take up extra time but it’s amazing to be able to hang out with my rainestorm. Looking forward to CoD this weekend since its been a while. 

Loving the IRL & behind the scenes channel, though I’m not sure what to do with it sometimes. I think it’s a nice peek behind the scenes and a glimpse into the person behind the shops, streams, podcast and blogs. Count on it being random because it’s just how I am. I hate that I can’t name it because of he changes to YouTube but, we’ll get to their count and be able to do it soon.

Parapopulous has been busy and there’ll be a new blog post tomorrow. I’m liking the more personal post and though I always planned to do that its nice to have my sea legs. I’m not sure what way I’m going to go with the next post so be sure to follow by RSS feed, on WordPress or through bloglovin’. And of course the podcast is available with direct download or iTunes subscription.

The shops are in limbo. I mean they’re up (except Magpie Muddles) but they need some love and updates. And I will be changing my deviantart to RaineofIris at some point. I have soooooo many ideas to get to you and I promise I will sooner rather than later. 

Well, it’s almost stream time so I’d better get going and get set up. I’ll chatter at you again soon.

au revoir



P.S. Yep, that’s a screenshot 🤓

Well then…

Today my friends is going to be a day of choices. I need to make some decisions about my too many plates spinning life that’s been happening. It will mean letting go or greatly reducing a few things, which pains me almost more than keeping them and tripping on them since I am a person of my word. But saying not right now is not never and perhaps at some point with an assistant or just when I’m better organized, I can always revisit them. As much as I have these things I want to share with you I need to be willing to say what isn’t working for me no matter what the relationship, and work is just another one. 

In so many ways though I feel like a failure. I feel like here I go quitting on you when maybe all I needed was that magic X factor. And what a disappointment I am. These are things we all feel, even when we know a situation isn’t working for us. And folks I know this overspread workload isn’t working right now. I’m one person attempting to create and game and write and handle all the background work of all that as well as running a house and looking out for my son and my dogs, and frankly I’ve bit off more than I can chew right now. I’m going to have to know being honest and authentic with you is only ever the best way and hope you feel the same. I’m not throwing it out, just this is just me taking off that one accessory that is going to make it all work. All that being said, I have great plans and this is part of getting there (no matter how strange that seems) and I’m ever grateful for your support and interest. 

So, what’s going to change? Well, let’s start with what’s not. My Twitch & YouTube playthroughs, let’s plays and livestreams as the Klutzy Gamer aren’t going anywhere and will remain my main focus. My one of a kind pieces as Magpie Muddles and their witchy counterparts of Betwixt Baubles aren’t leaving either. Bon Bon Betties is staying as well, but won’t be the focus. Parapopulous will stay but at a different release schedule. And of course the hub of Raine of Iris stays. 

Taking a breather or continuing their hiatus are Mmmmutterings and Rainebows End. I’m not saying I won’t ever do small batches of cookies or my motivational blog but I’m saying it doesn’t fit where I am right now. Likely there’ll be a few more adjustments yet but I’ll keep you posted as always.

Well, I guess that’s it for here, now onto some YouTube work and some tidying around the workspace before the Twitch stream tonight. 

au revoir