Filling Things In

So as usual I’ve been busy but quiet. Behind the scenes there’s so much not good I’d rather you didn’t know but I have to let y’all in. 

So I feel like y’all should know what’s going on in case I vanish. My housemate hasn’t paid the internet and apparently it and my phone (as it’s a connected account) could be disconnected at any point unless I can come up with the money. I plan on keeping things going as long as possible and I’ll get back up and running as soon as possible but I don’t have the means to pay it out so it’s business as usual until the lines go down without a miracle. Sorry to have to bring it to you but I thought you deserved the truth. 

It’s truly hard with how well everything has been going to see this part of my life bottom out. If I had a “real” job (and the ability to have one, which with my back injury among other things isn’t possible) or if I’d money coming in (no I’m not on any support at all nor do I want to be, and that’s how I want to continue with no disrespect to anyone who is) I’d not be in this position. I feel like it’s all within grasp but it’s just not there financially yet and that shouldn’t negate all your support of my various projects. I’m attempting to perform miracles and transform my life and I know there’s bumps on the route, I just wasn’t expecting this one. I guess it’s gonna make for a hell of a story though! 

I promise I’m not vanishing for long if it happens. 

au revoir