Popping in today to let you all know about some new designs available exclusively through my Magpie Muddles redbubble shop. I’ll warn you they’re a little cheeky and might even make you hungry!

Curious…. Carbie Barbie (2 versions) and Carbie Ken have arrived. Sadly they don’t come with any actual carbs but the merch does let you show your love for it!

Here’s a small peek

Remember these designs are available on so much more than tee shirts! And please tag MagpieMuddles on IG so I can see the creations in their new homes.


au revoir


Catching Up

So it’s been an okay month.

I’ve gotten back into a streaming schedule. I have only 3 scheduled but I as a rule end up having more. I like the flexibility of being able to pop in as time allows without having to potentially adjust or cancel. I will likely add a day to the schedule and perhaps adjust start time. I’ll keep you posted on that. As always Twitch is where to find me.

I’ve been working on new designs..

These are all currently available in my KalamityRaine redbubble. The Appalachia Awaits is a limited time design, so grab it on whatever you need it on before it’s gone.

I will be reopening the redbubble hub and it will have all of the availabile designs from the individual shops so you can one stop shop. And if you prefer to browse by genre, the individual shops remain open. It offers quick or relaxed browsing options. And of course new designs (some limited time) are coming to all.

I will am designing new pieces for the Etsy shops. Full production won’t start until I’ve finished off the construction of the last shelves (for now) in the living area. That being said, I am bringing new creations shortly.

It’s difficult juggling everyone and everything but I’m working with what delights me in hopes it will bring the same to someone else. Insomnia, depression & injuries are always accompanying but it’s good to have faithful companions.

I hope this finds you in good humour and abundance of joy.

au revoir